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Material & Tools


Duct TapeDuct Tape
Our favorite tape. It's not the cheapest but you can use for almost everything.


Kinzo battery powered drillKinzo battery powered drill
This inexpensive drill has a lot of power thanks to the heavy 18V batteries! It's strong enough to drill holes into walls. The built-in water level helps you to get the right angle. There's the original accessory box next to it.
Plate ShearsPlate Shears
A true arnold tool! It even cuts hard PC cases although this needs a lot of force.
Ratchet ScrewdriverRatchet Screwdriver
This screwdriver is quite useful because you don't have to apply it again after every turn, one direction is always idle. Of course you can change the direction. The 100 bit box was bought at Hornbach for just Euro 9.95!
REXON DP-250A Bench DrillREXON DP-250A Bench Drill
!mURx' newest toy. Although cheap it has good power and precision.

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