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Recent News
Not dead yet!
Back online!
DiM is back online!
New year, new mods
New mods again


It's been a while since there was an update on this website. Unfortunately, there are some important things other than modding that keep us busy (you won't believe it!). This causes most new mods to turn into longterm projects or they are just abandoned, which means hardly any updates. For this reason, we have made a new website to show the latest unfinished projects, they will be updated from time to time. You can check them out at http://projects.murkser.ch. Nevertheless, we have still got some new mods for this website. Enjoy it!
After one week of downtime the DiM website is now back online. We apologize for the problems.
Some of you may have noticed: Yesterday, this website was offline because our webserver was completely fuxx0red and had to be restored. Everything should be ok again, and we hope it'll stay that way.
The new year has started well, and finally there's some time to publish a few new mods. Check them out!
As you may have noticed, a few new mods have been uploaded in the last 24 hours, there's also a new modder car. The translations should be up to date now as well.

There will be more new mods next year, and that's not very far from now :)

DiM wishes all modders merry christmas a happy new year!

Be ready for some awesome new mods, soon!

Due to a broken computer no new entries could be added for weeks, fortunately those problems could be solved. This time there are two new mods, first a few pictures from Belgrad (with nice ghetto mods). Second there's some dremel action on a pc case.
Finally, there's a new mod.
Christian Müller sent us a picture of his ghetto-made PCB exposure device. Check it out here.
A new milestone of DiM history was reached yesterday! !mURx put his PCB etching center, which was bought after the liquidation of the Swisscom schooling center, into operation. You can look at a few preview pictures here. Further info will be posted soon...
Last weekend we were at the annual stock car race in Illazch. This year no car remained intact, either, so check out the pictures!
The translations are finally complete! You can now view all mods in English. If there are still severe mistakes please send us a message.
The Info section, particularly the "About DiM" page has been extended a little.
The translations are at 85%.
A few minor bugfixes (for example the Murx-AMP 2000) were necessary.
The progress of the English translations is getting better, we're at 60% now.

Please contact us if there are still problems with the English interface.

The English translation of the mods is progressing well. Up to now approximately 33% of the mods have been translated. It's all new mods (starting 2004) and some of the older mods.
After several weeks it is finally done! The new DiM website is officially online! Almost all mods could be ported to the new database, the only things which are left are a few detail improvements and a lot of English translations.

We hope you like the new website!

After several weeks of work the new design of our website is finished. The only difficulty that is left is the migration of the databases, this will still take some time.
There will be a new design for the 5th anniversary of our modding website. This time not only the layout will be improved but also the website will be completely redesigned.

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