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Mods in France

Creator: !mURx
Date: 1999-07-23


Location: Montalivet, France
Presentation and pictures: !mURx

france01.jpgThe first mod of my holidays in France. It's a car adapter I made at home. During the 1000 km trip it will provide my notebook with 20 volts and 2.4 amperes.
france02.jpgthe adapter in its case
france03.jpgWe've hardly crossed the border and there's already ghetto stuff! On the left side of the road there's a burned-out Peugeot lying upside down! In France there are only three car brands anyway: Citroën, Renault and Peugeot! I'll get to that later. Unfortunately the camera wasn't ready at that moment!

Now let's have a look at the cars which are driven (to death) in France:
This one is a nicely styled Volkswagen bus (they exist here, too).

france04.jpga Peugeot 204
france05.jpgLet's look at Citroën, this one is a 2CV ("Duck")
france06.jpgan AX with five doors (they have three normally)
france07.jpgTake a closer look at the doors of this BX.
france08.jpgOh my god! What is that? A bunker on wheels?
Just one thing is for sure: It's a Citroën.
france09.jpgA very rare object nowadays: Renault Estafet
france10.jpgAnd a... rO D ??? I guess it was FORD originally.
france11.jpgIf you look closely you'll notice that the rear window of this Peugeot 405 has been replaced by plastic foil.
france12.jpgIn France you have to buy the license plate yourself, but why buy one if you can make one ghetto-style...
france13.jpgOK, you cannot only lower your car but also make it higher.
france14.jpgThe local police has nice cars, too :-)
france15.jpgRenault rulez! This is a picture of the "new" van model.
france16.jpgan other one
france17.jpgCheck out the Renault 12
france18.jpgA bus with a little dent and some rust which would lead to door-loss if you opened the door completely.
france19.jpgI photographed these beautiful power supply boxes at the market. Have a look at the duct tape mod.
france20.jpgHere you see a rusty car next to the box.
france21.jpgThese pictures are from the best restaurant in Montalivet, in terms of food and mods.
Here: That's a lot of mods!
france22.jpgFixed, exposed outlets, with cord cables!!!!
france23.jpgUber ghetto: These boxes, (probably) providing high voltage, have no cover!
france24.jpgThe overground wiring is the greatest, unfortunately this is the only picture because this digital camera is not that small and light.
france25.jpgArgh, those French standards!
france26.jpgAs you can see I'm not the only one who can do such ghetto mods (except Baader)
france27.jpgThis switch, together with the above two mods, belongs to a bedtable lamp which got a cable ripped out after the first drop. That's why I had to disassemble the switch.
france28.jpgThis is the light switch in my hotel room. The French people care about security, that's why there is a safety fuse in every switch and outlet. Unfortunately the flash of the digital camera is too bright for macro.
france29.jpgI had to plug in that lamp somewhere, and because I had several devices with Swiss plugs with me I had to mod an Euro 2 Swiss cable.
france30.jpgWhen I was chilling out and reading the "Blick" I noticed that headline immediately!

That's it from the holidays!

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