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Mods in Italy

Creator: Matt
Date: 1999-04-15


Location: Bardolino (Lake Garda), Italy
Pictures: Matt

italien1.jpgThe bathroom:
On this picture the shower looks quite normal but it isn't. It is really ghetto. First only little water came out of the shower head, and both taps were blue so you had to guess which one was for hot water. And the best: the shower and the toilet were side by side, there was not even a dividing wall!
italien2.jpgShower and toilet 2 in 1:
On this picture you see the floor of the bathroom with the drain. The toilet got always wet when I used the shower, which was also good because I didn't have to clean the toilet :)
There were also ants that came from the cracks in the floor.
italien3.jpgThe toilet:
First you can't see anything wrong about the toilet, it has even two flush buttons (So you'll always find one if you're angry). But the toilet itself is a mod: it was not really attached to the floor, it almost toppled over if I sat on it with just one buttcheek. Further, the toilet paper was not very tearproof.
italien4.jpgThe hole in the wall:
This picture was taken in the kitchen, about 50 cm above the sink. To connect the power cable of the fume hood a hole had been drilled into the tiles. Since it had been done in a ghetto way the tiles broke. There were also two dowels sticking in the tile, and the whole thing was close to the tap!
italien5.jpgThe light switch:
Even the light switch was ghetto! The metal plate was ugly and the switch looked primitive and old. First of all it had a zero on both sides. Now, how do you know when the light turns on and when off?
italien6.jpgA power splitter:
We found this beautiful power splitter around the corner. The cables were placed outside the wall and were hardly isolated or protected against water. It's only a matter of time before it will catch fire. We could see this phenomenon on a great number of buildings.
italien7.jpgThe drain:
Behind these houses there were gray water pipes which ended in a small runnel. They were hardly fixated and had a lot of cracks and rust. A fat DiM99 seal of ghettoness for those pipes! And have a closer look at those walls!

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