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Death of a PTT network center

Creator: Swisscom LW
Date: 1999-05-10
Welcome to the (former) PTT network center in the 2nd floor in the Wallstrasse (sounds almost like Wallstreet) in Basel!
Here you see the precision that used to be achieved by PTT employees in the good old days.
This network center was responsible for the phone lines downtown!
!mURx, Panasonic and AdBa (3 Swisscom apprentices) had the order to take it down!

zentrale01.jpgOne of a dozen corridors!
zentrale02.jpgAnd here three of approximately 600 rooms filled with relays!
zentrale03.jpgSome of the relays have already gotten in touch with a hammer!
zentrale04.jpgEven these matrix relays became targets of aggression!
zentrale05.jpgSomeone pulled these cable looms a little!
zentrale06.jpgAdBa used a hammer here!
zentrale07.jpgNobody knows what Panasonic did to this strip...
zentrale08.jpgPanasonic tried his garden scissors here!
zentrale09.jpg!mURx ripping out a cable loom
zentrale10.jpgAdBa still ravageing!
zentrale11.jpgPanasonic checking out old harddisks!
zentrale12.jpg!mURx, totally fuxx0red!
zentrale13.jpgPanasonic writing greeting cards!!!
zentrale14.jpgAdBa tries to climb up between the shelves but he falls because he's being attacked by different objects!
zentrale15.jpgAdBa destroying a tax counter!
zentrale16.jpgAdBa the SMILE-KING!
zentrale17.jpgThis SMILE tells everything, no?

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