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Panasonic's Bench Vice Terror

Creator: Panasonic
Date: 1999-04-28
Welcome to Panasonic's bench vice terror. You'll see documents of shocking acts of violence on innocent electronic and metal parts. There's a description of every part next to the pictures.
I can just say: Panasonic can be happy that there is no law to protect those parts, such cruelty should be criminal.
Read on only if you can bear that terrible look!

schraubstock1.jpgThis is the tool of death! A 10 kg steel bench vice made by Gressel (a Swiss product of course). This monster causes serious damage. Even hard metal objects can be sentenced to two-dimensionality between those splits.
schraubstock2.jpgPanasonic crushed a few screws here. At the bottom there's the original and on top the crushed version.
left: An M1.6 screw/nut combo
right: An M3 screw (various types)
schraubstock3.jpgA layered capacitor (1 microfarad) got arnolded here.
schraubstock4.jpgThis picture show to relays which have been brutally mutilated by Panasonic. Luckily, they didn't get in contact with the Gressel!
schraubstock5.jpgTwo crushed cable shoes. Unfortunately there were no originals available, but if you're interested: Distrelec article no. 50 13 56
schraubstock6.jpgOn this picture you see a few poor metal parts which met the Gressel.

1st row (l. t. r.):
€ A piece of aluminum whose corner had been "modded"
€ A former piece of brass with screw thread

2nd row:
€ Two pieces of aluminum which belonged together
€ A copper plate which has taken a bath in the etching machine
€ This piece of aluminum was milled by !mURx in several hours of work and killed by Panasonic in an instant!

schraubstock7.jpgThis picture of horror shows the parts of the notorious V35 <-> X21 interface Panasonic has been working on for years (did I day years? I meant months!) without success, hoping that will work some day.
Since there is actually a working prototype now and it's going to mass production the interface can be also found in the mod archive!

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