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Ampere Mainboard

Creator: !mURx & Matt
Date: 1999-11-07


For this gross mod a poor 486 mainboard (which was already broken) was brutally burned by connecting it to a 24V/19A transformer. One of the pins was connected to GND or Vcc+ on the power supply connector, the other one was used as a "probe" to electrify the different parts on the mainboard.

burnboard1_1.jpgThe work place: There are still traces of burns on the table.
burnboard1_2.jpgSlight burns
burnboard1_3.jpgThe board after the great fire
burnboard1_4.jpgThe chipset before getting burned
burnboard1_5.jpgand after...
burnboard1_6.jpgThe second chip after intensive zapping
burnboard1_7.jpgThe environment was also affected.
burnboard1_8.jpgA fried CPU socket
burnboard1_9.jpgA Winbond chip after explosion
burnboard1_10.jpgA truely dead capacitor

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