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Radio Power Switch Override

Creator: Gerbi
Date: 2006-03-28


Once upon a time there was a Sanyo radio that brought the pleasure of FM music to the always cheerful workers at *CS (company name altered)
However, that pleasure was suddenly over when problems with the input selector, which was a power switch at the same time, arose...due to a slack joint!?
There was a lot of fussing around with the switch to even turn the radio on. Moreover, the problem grew even bigger, and in time the radio started to turn itself off! Since we didn't want to do without music while working it was time for some action! Quickly brought a new radio, but it couldn't match the uber awesome reception of the Sanyo radio which had a double FM antenna (we're in an area with bad FM reception)
So I had no other choice than to take a closer look at the radio...

radio_power_override01.jpgThis is the radio in its full beauty! Date of assembly is unknown, but I know it had served my grandma since 1990 :-)
radio_power_override02.jpgThe bad switch...Neither "Tape(OFF)", "Radio" nor "Input" were working at the end...
radio_power_override03.jpgThe big shock!
Typical Japanese PCB! A lot of wires soldered in even more places...and of course tape to keep them tidy...it was virtually impossible to even lift the PCB because of the short wires with no connectors to unplug. Furthermore, the other side of the PCB had even more wires!
Time for a multimeter!
radio_power_override04.jpgShortly after, the position and pinout of this 3-way switch was resolved.
It looks like the multi-switch, which isn't of great quality, has to deal with a current of 2-3A DC...No wonder the pins burn out after some time!
radio_power_override05.jpgLuckily, it's just a single switch that was broken. Soldering in a wire and switching on the radio with just the power cable was too ghetto for me. Thus, I considered installing a nice flip switch (Swissc** l00t).
After two failed attempts to install the switch (stuff inside the radio prevented me from installing it)...
radio_power_override07.jpg...I desperately decided to install the switch on the side, even though this is less crash-safe. Finally created some professional touch by a label and the power supply override is finished!
radio_power_override06.jpgFinal thoughts: Never trust a Japanese switch that was used beyond its specification :-)

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