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Creator: Gerbi
Date: 2006-03-28

How to prepare a crappy old PC for the new millennium

• Install a new mainboard, using wires to attach it, just like it should be
• Install a HDD LED
• Tweak the CPU (up to 60 GHz with TURBO enabled!!!)
• Add an "AHRNOLD" label so everyone can see how powerful this system is!
• Hook up a safety switch in case the system becomes self-aware. To give the switch some grip, an old hard drive is mounted below. Of course everything is kept together by duct tape!

After that, the system was still used for some time, like for developing some QBasic programs, but it has been put back on the pile of junk it originally came from...

ahrnold_pc_1.jpgThe front, modified with a GHz display and AHRNOLD logo. The thing next to it is the safety switch.
ahrnold_pc_2.jpgThe new mainboard is kept in place by wires.

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