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Illzach 2004

Creator: Matt
Date: 2004-06-01


Location: Illzach, Alsace
Pictures: Matt

During Whitsuntide the annual fun car show and stock car race took place in Illzach. Of course we were there again to take a few pictures. Although we've seen more spectacular races there were still a few nice scenes.

illzach04_01.jpgThe first overturned cars
illzach04_02.jpgThe bumpers didn't last long.
illzach04_03.jpgThe orange-blue car ahrnolded a lot, just look how wrecked it is.
illzach04_04.jpgA few Swiss cars were participating as well.
illzach04_05.jpgTried to cut the corner?
illzach04_06.jpgThose pile-ups were nothing special.
illzach04_07.jpgSmoking engines, w00t!
illzach04_08.jpgA little downside of the sunny weather
illzach04_09.jpgGreetings from Monsieur le Président :)
illzach04_10.jpgThis blue car is the overturn king! It overturned at least once every lap. A similar car participated in 2003 as well, by the way.
illzach04_11.jpgNo rules!
illzach04_12.jpgThe blue car looked pretty fuxx0red at the end of the race!
illzach04_13.jpgEven more overturns!
illzach04_15.jpgI guess the rear axle is broken...
illzach04_16.jpgThis guy broke through the barriers: The race is over for him!
illzach04_17.jpgExtreme-G style!
illzach04_18.jpgA modded Solex!
illzach04_19.jpgNice exhaust pipes!
illzach04_20.jpgAn old moped but it's nicely tuned!
illzach04_21.jpgThis corvette has been nicely styled, especially the air intakes.

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